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July 1, 2011


Take a proper look at yourself.
So, what do you see?
What the hell do you see?

Do you enjoy what you see?
Do you trust your perception?
Does it make you feel insecure?
You know something, don’t answer the last question. I know the answer already.

Go on. Tell the world that you feel awesome.
We all know that’s shit.
What troubles me is how much uncertainty actually lies beneath your skin.
Is it probable that you’ve actually stopped existing?

Ok. So my words of wisdom aren’t going to open your mind.
It isn’t going to make you introspect and find yourself.
You’d probably read this and question my sanity.
Honestly, I myself don’t know where I am.

So, where were you yesterday??
Why did you buy your Aviators?
So you really love Absinthe?
Are you happy with your life??

Oh great! You’re shaking.
But you aren’t doing the Jazz Hands this time, are you?
Screw your fear. Drink some beer.
Maybe the shaking will stop.

Airheads affirming uniqueness.
Look at me! Look me in the eyeball!
You don’t want them to bring out the big guns, do you?
Believe me. You don’t want that.

We are all plebeians. Yet we’re all one of a kind.
Embrace the loser in you.
Exonerate yourself.
Feel this great feeling.
Cross over to my side.

We have cookies!

10 Mississippi:

A. K. said...

Nice read... Good to see you. Have a great weekend!

suruchi said...

my god-that was brutally honest!
it is unique to celebrate the loser in us...and in a way, liberating too

Meher said...

Oh, Pavitra, amazingly written. Sometimes, when I see people putting up a show, trying to fit, I want to hold them by their shoulders and shake them.
Hell, I stopped trying to fit in long back, and I'm still recuperating.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

hush, don't listen to her,

Just hold on, I'm not that strong

There's a little piece of heaven
Right here where you are
The fact that you keep trying
Is what sets you apart.
Help me find the reason
And I'll help you find the way
To get rid of all your pain
Little by little, day by day

We don't have cookies today, but we just might :)

Beautiful read Pavitra.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Scribbling Gal said...

OMG i so love ur poetry....i can so read a few of my thoughts in this one...and lets have cookies ;-)

Jack said...


Deep rooted fear in a person stated so well. We all do not wish to think of ourselves as losers but that we must to overcome it.

Take care

☆ Rià ღ said...

Nicely the last pic.

Pavitra .... said...

@ A.K:
Thank you so much!! Take care!!

Pavitra .... said...

@ Suruchi:
It indeed is accept who you really are...
Thank you so much sweetheart!!
Take cre! Hugs!!

Pavitra .... said...

@ Meher:
Hey sweetie....thank you!!
I too hate it when people pretend to be someone else just to fit in...