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June 19, 2011


So, here I am playing the stare game with my laptop thinking that it’s been really long since I’ve written a post. And I still have nothing to write. So just like any self indulgent person, I am going to write about something that I know very well – me! It’s not a very appealing topic. And, in my defense, I did state the words 'self indulging'.

So, where do I begin? As a child I spent so much time on a collection of certain ideas about life, love, existence and well, the most over-rated actor – Salman Khan. But then, I grew up. Salman however, didn't.

I believed that growing up and becoming an adult would mean inconceivable freedom. It would mean finally being cool and famous and surrounded by happy people. I guess this was the case of most of you guys. But hey, I never said that I’m special.

Time as a youngster was spent eating Maggi noodles in front of the television, literally one foot away from the screen watching Small Wonder and I Dream of Jeannie. I remember playing cricket in the living room with my bro. And my clothes, oh dear god. I ranged from looking like a princess to a street gangster. Rangeela, KKHH and Gulaam were my fashion guides. And the pictures are never going to see the light of day.

Why am I telling you guys all this..? Damn I should have thought of it before writing all this shit. I don’t want to delete it now because, face it; nothing is scarier than a blinking cursor.

As a child I believed that life just happened. People fell in love. People stayed in love. Damn I wish my parents took some videos of me as a child. I would have at least something to look at whenever I cry that I’m growing up too fast and that I miss my childhood days.

I believe kids of today are too aware and too snobbish and too self absorbed. Even more than me. And believe me, I am really self absorbed. I feel sad that they do not get to enjoy Parle Poppins, Goti Soda, Rola Cola and Jolly Jelly (If I don’t get a single comment concerning this, I swear I’ll change my name to Anna Ramdev)

My shrink tells me to be open and honest with people. He tells me to share stuff. I love to keep everything to myself. I don’t see anything wrong with doing that. But, I’m the one on the chair and he’s the one with the degree. So here I go. And hey I’d be completing Chocolate Lover’s tag in the process.

*Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves*
*You have to choose and tag ten people*
*Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them*
*No tags back*
*Have fun*

  1. I never knew how to dance properly until I was 15. I looked like a person doing the Robot dance and the Chicken dance simultaneously.
  2. Cockroaches petrify me. I literally freeze and almost pass out when I see one.
  3. I tend to classify people as those better than me and people I’m better than. Hardly do I ever find an equal. I guess that’s because I don’t know where I stand. Don’t ask me where you stand. I won’t tell. And stop thinking about it.
  4. I have freakishly long fingers and toes. I think I belong to another species.
  5. I have read all the books in the Princess Diaries series, Harry Potter series and the Twilight series.
  6. I would love to believe people like Edward Cullen and secret worlds like in Harry Potter exist. I’ve tried my best. And then I feel stupid.
  7. I feel stupid most of the time.
  8. I crack jokes when I’m nervous. I’m not funny. I just want to fill awkward silences.
  9. I’m really bad at Maths, Physics and Statistics. I literally suck.
  10. I really really really love Mc. Donald’s potato wedges. But everytime I finish overeating them, I hate myself.

And…I would like to tag---

Scribbling Gal
Blasphemous Aesthete
C'est Moi

11 Mississippi:

suruchi said...

Hi Pavitra,
wow..this was nice.
i always somehow thought you to be in your early twenties...and if I may assume here, it is nice to know we might share the same bracket-guessing so by references to I dream of Jeanie n Small Wonder:-)So no need of going Anna Ramdev yet;-)

that's the sad part about communication with anonymous people...we are always left guessing:-)

I loved the part about Salman Khan not growing up...yup, seeeeeeeeeeriously, someone must tell him to!:-)

and about finding an equal...belonging to a different species and hating Maths...nice to know you are like me:-)
Thanks for the tag:-)

☆ Rià ღ said...

nicely done dear. :) and thnx for tagging me.

Pavitra .... said...

@ Suruchi:
Thank you so much...I am in my early are right! Yeah it is sad that most of the communication done online is in an anonymous manner... Glad we share the same traits! :))
Cheers and loads of hugs!!

Pavitra .... said...

@ Ria:
Thank you so much sweetie! :))

Scribbling Gal said...

I grew up thinking same ways like u :D

And yes anonymous communication is how world has become more nowadays :)

And small wonder was my fav <3
And those crocked ideas abt love and life....sigh..

And no need to be anna ramdev :P

And the tag is interesting...will attempt soon :)thanks for the tag :)

Cockroaches petrify me too and so do lizards...

Deadlines keeping me bit busy so am not really blogging or reading but i will surely do this tag the first when am bit free :)

Tarun said...

Blogger Block aka writer block hard to break.
Writing is therapeutic for me.

People spend life time in finding themselves their good and bad and what they are suppose to do.

Jack said...


I agree these days children don't even know names of what you listed. More of parental pressure, YEH MAT KHAAO, WOH MAT PIYO. Had a good laugh at your way of classifying people and that you feel stupid most of the time.

Take care

Pavitra .... said...

@ Scribbling Gal:
Thank you sweetie! Waiting for you tag!! :))
Looks like i'm keeping my name after all! Lol!
Glad we're so alike!
Cheers!! :))

Pavitra .... said...

@ Tarun:
Yeah...writer's block is really terrible...But I guess once you start writing about something... actually when ever i have a writer's block i usually write about me...
More than my good and bad points...its my quirks that amuse me....
Cheers!! :))

Pavitra .... said...

@ Jack:
Seriously! My brothers don't even know these things exist...even the shopkeepers have stopped stocking them....sad.
Do stop by more!!
Cheers!! :))

C'est Moi said...

Lovely Read....And Thanks for tagging!!

Small wonder, I dream of Jeanie, and Sallu...We are Good!!
I happen to have really small nails, and all the time i am left wondering how do these gorgeous girls manage to keep 'em long and painted..:( so i have now concluded that I am also a part of some unknown specie..

Yes, difficult to say where I stand, in my own league perhaps...since i do not belong here, i probably cant find an equal...:))
I am petrified by the presence of anything having more than two legs!!

Thank You!!