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August 7, 2010

Blah Blah...

More randoms...? Sure!

1.  When the people who don't know you well and the people who have met you only once call you know you're amazing! When they say they are not insecure about themselves...
Hehe...who the hell are they kidding...?

2.  I have a completely hay-wire, dramatic and complicated life. Who wants a perfect life..?? A life in which you don't have anything to crib about...everything is simple...
people who say "Everything will be alright....just smile through your problems!"
What world are you living in sunshine? You know what you're going through when you say that..? Its a six letter word...

3.  Its easy to fall in love. true story :)

4.  Why do liars get away with everything..? It seems like good never wins over...evil? No...What word was I looking for..?? Nevermind.

5. Cosmo magazine has EVERYTHING in it. Period.
(Stop Smirking!)

6. Its difficult not to get upset when people think wrong things about you. The ones who know me, never judge me. The ones who don't...well...I pity them...

7.  Don't you ever blame me for something you did. That is not how it happened. You know that very well.

8.  When people whom you trust and who meant a lot to you end up doing something you least expected. Its a freaking stab to the heart.

9.  We were young once...Remember those Junior College days when you used to have fun 24/7 and finally you wake up one day and think, "Man...I totally screwed up!" It happens to all of us.

10.  It happens to the best of us. Yeeeeaaaahhh!!! It totally does :)

24 Mississippi:

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

awwwwwwwwwwww nice post :))
loved it <3

Anonymous Someone said...

Whenever such situations come, I'd say "The best is yet to come"

Interesting post.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Dipti said...

love the way you write pavi..specially that "i dont give a f" tone in the posts make me LOVE it

ps : the word verification thing asked me to type "munnis"


Shantanu said...

I truly love randomness.! Loved the way you put these. n must Pavitra is back witda bang. hope u did well with exams.

nikita said... actually feels at time,we have screwed up our time left for just having plain fun...sitting idle doing nothing...miss those days...u reminded me of all of them..

Ria said...

nice random facts abt u. :)

Pesto Sauce said...

Cosmo is a style magazine, some guys do like it but I find them not worth the money

suruchi said...

Hi Pavitra...
Somebody’s studying hard it seems!
And I agree with all the points hands down...
And specially to the one where you say falling in love is easy...
Yup...ask me...I am falling all the time;-)

And Cosmo is often our Bible*sue us now for all we care*
Wishing u all the best for the exams and the haywire, dramatic n complicated life;-)

Scribblers Inc said...

Agree with point 3.Whole heartedly.Even at 25. Period.

Scribblers Inc.

Pavitra .... said...

@ ♥ Chocolate lover ♥:
Hey thanks sweetie!!! :D

Pavitra .... said...

@ Anonymous Someone:
Yes...the best is yet to come :)

Pavitra .... said...

@ Dips:
Hehehe... "Munnis"
Thanks a ton sweetie! :)

Pavitra .... said...

@ Shan:
Hey thanks a lot..!! My exams weren't done then...Got over today :)
Feels great to have my life back...

Pavitra .... said...

@ nikita:
Hehe..thanks :D

Pavitra .... said...

@ Ria:
Thanks dear!

Pavitra .... said...

@ Pesto Sauce:
Yup its a style magazine...Its a typical "leave your brains aside" kinda magazine....And I luv it!

Pacifier Returns said...

Oh Yes.....some are true, some are very true and some are situational

Smiles :)

Splurgerina said...

I don't know how I missed this post!! Anyway, better late than never right?? I could relate all the everything on this list..seriously all ten!! Oh and I love the little kitty on the site telling me to follow you and leave you a cute!! :P

Pavitra .... said...

@ Suruchi:
Hey thank you dear...yeah exams are kinda taking its toll on my free time....But I'll try to be regular...
Yup! Falling in love is easy.. :)

Pavitra .... said...

@ Prashant:
Thanks a ton! Keep visiting!

Pavitra .... said...

@ Splurgy:
Hehehe...thanks! Wow...all 10!! Thats great!! Glad you read it then..
Take care! Hugs!!

Pavitra .... said...

@ Scribblers Inc:
Hey thanks!! Do visit more!
Take care!

Scribbling Girl said...

O man how did i miss this post!
Awww so so so love this post!
And i can so relate to it :)
Love ur randomness!

bebo ♥ said...

Awesome post.
could relate.