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July 3, 2010

My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes

Thank you Dip and Nikita for this awesome tag!

If you are a woman,

Have you ever wanted something that is considered ‘manly’ ? Like a basketball, a cell phone, a dog, a camera or a new laptop? A new car or motor bike? Ever wanted to be a pilot? A doctor or not a nurse? And the manliest want of them all – The remote! ;)
As a kid did you enjoy playing with a bat and a ball?
There was a time when books were considered ‘manly’, women authors had to pretend to be men – would you say books are still rather manly – women should want to embroider and crochet?
If you are a man,
Have you ever wanted something that only women are supposed to want – like bags, shoes, clothes, creams, perfumes, babies, flowers? A peaceful home and a happy family? Have you ever been afraid of the dark or of insects?
As a kid did you ever want to play ‘teacher-teacher’, cooking or did you like playing with a doll? Have you ever enjoyed cooking? Bought something in pink? Loved chocolates?

So here’s the tag – Please list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to.
The tag is called ‘My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes’. And you must tag twelve blogging friends :twisted: or else you will be cursed to wear blue clothes pants if you are a woman and pink shirts if you are a man – for next twelve years .

Here we go!

1. I follow football like crazy. I'm a big Manchester United fan. I end up watching most of their matches. 
P.S-- Watched almost all matches of FIFA '10 too!

2. I used to play cricket regularly as a kid. I played cricket with the big  boys in my colony. I was the only girl in their team!

3. I play Counter Strike almost everyday. Its my second nature now and I can make a guy cry with my string of wins!

4. I never had Barbie Dolls as a child. I was more of a G.I.Joe and Hot Wheels kinda child. I had a huge hot-wheels race track set! Loved it :D

5. I nearly sprained my younger brother's leg coz I was trying out a WWE stunt! I still watch WWE when I get a chance!

6. I Loooove Linkin Park, Green Day, Metallica and Muse!

7. I can skateboard and roller-blade like a pro! :)

8. I don't know whether this is manly or not, but I used to love Dragonball-Z, Ninja Robots, Swat Cats and the X-Men Series as a child!

9. I don't think its a guy thing, but I really love dogs! I want to build a house just for all my dogs! :)

10. I love all kinds of cars and bikes. The Lamborghini Diablo and the Ducati are my favorites! And I wish to ride a bike one day!


Since Harsha has challenged me to come up with 10 more! Here it is!

11. I had sideburns like Elvis when I was small. I used to be proud of it!

12. I once tried to put hair gel on my hair. (Turned out to be disastrous. Don't try this at home. I looked liked the wicked witch of the west!)

13. I used to be found only in sports shoes and floaters as a child..

14. I HATED wearing Indian traditional clothes because it made me look like a girl. A pair of t-shits and jeans and i'm happy! I still don't like wearing Indian traditionals now. But I've kinda made my peace with it.

15. I hate cooking. I know to cook. But I hate it! 

16. About 4-5 years ago, I used to wear mostly men's deo. Axe, Park Avenue, Musk, many more...

17. I hardly used to take an umbrella to school coz I thought it was girly for some reason. So I was always found in windcheaters. 

18. I hated wearing any kind of make-up until a few years back.

19. I once held the door open for my boyfriend. :D  (This was an honest mistake!) ;)

20. I love gadgets. Cellphones, Ipods, Laptops, Cameras, the works!

Now, I would like to tag people who haven't received the tag before.
1. Suruchi
2. Harsha
3. Pixie Dust
4. A.K
5. Arjun
6. Persis Shah
7. Carrie
8. Tamanna
9. sulagna ™ 
10. Ki
11. K-ay
12. Meher

31 Mississippi:

Shantanu said...

loved WWE stuff.. hehe too good.!! my god u gals r finishin this tag so fast yaar.

loved it. :)

Harini said...

I watch wwe too... but now i dont find time to. Triple H is my fav :P.

I dint know u do tags... i had written your name and then deleted. Next time watch out... i will tag u :P.

Pavitra .... said...

@ Shantanu:
:) Thanks!! Yup! Gals are finishing faster! Come on! I wanna see what you have to say!

Pavitra .... said...

@ Harini:
Yeaee! WWE! My favorite is Stone Cold Steve Austin! And the Undertaker (mostly coz of his presence) :)
Yup I do tags! (More like cure for the writers block!)

Splurgerina said...

Good one:) I can't believe you girls are coming up with 10..I can't think of ONE! Hey I can rollerblade too though..and Lamborghini...any lamborghini is super sexy!

HaRy!! said...

when rock was there... it was the best.... my sister loved this post! :) thanks t yu!

Pooja said...

The statement, "...women authors had to pretend to be men..." made me remember dat as a child I thot Enid Blyton was a man!

I love blue, n almost hate pink! ;)

Nikita said...

robots,dogs,cars,bikes,x men series.Oh,gal...u have wild,manly traits...keep going.

Nikita said...

waiting for a guy to bring his girly traits...

Harsha said...

Lol.. Nice post.. Ditto for points 3,4,5 and partly ditto for points 6, 9 and 10..

But why? Oh, why did u have to tag me.. :( I ended up writing a post because of you.. :(

suruchi said...

Hi Pavitra...
Omg...first for all the sporty stuff you manage*looking at you with awe-struck eyes* and then for tagging me too...thank you!

This tag is all over the blogosphere for now!
And you made it a super spunky read...

You are quite a “guy’s girl”
The kinds males like to hang out with for you are so super cool...
Wish had some of those attributes too!

The Bald Guy said...

Ha! I had that hot wheels race track too! The blue and yellow one, with a manual booster for the cars.

Thanks for doing this tag. Every little bit counts!

Pavitra .... said...

@ Splurgy:
Hey thanks!! Waiting for yours!! :)
I bet it'll be great!

Pavitra .... said...

@ Hary:
Yup! Rock was pretty cool! I learnt to do the eyebrow lift coz of him... Practiced it so damn hard until I got it right...I still use it sometimes...
Its a part of my signature "I'm thinking" or "wtf!" look!! Hehe...
Thanks! Glad you loved it..

Pavitra .... said...

@ Pooja:
Even I though Enid Blyton was a man...And Sidney Sheldon, a woman...

Pavitra .... said...

@ Nikita:
Haha...I have two brothers...Guess thats why! :)
I was never into the girly stuff..
Thanks sweetie!

Pavitra .... said...

@ Harsha:
Hahaha...I want to read a guy's post...lots of girls have written it! Loved yours btw! :)

Pavitra .... said...

@ Suruchi:
Hehe...thanks a ton dear! Waiting for your post!
Yeah, you can call me a guy's girl...I've got a lot more guy friends than girl friends...
Coz all the blonde silly girly stuff is not my cup of tea.. :D

Pavitra .... said...

@ TBG:
Hey thanks!! Even I had the power launcher in my race track...The race-track ended with the cars jumping out of a Cobra's Mouth! I even had one with a Gorilla in it! Damn...I wish I could still play with them! :)

♦ Crazy Diamond ♦ said...

poor lil bro!!!! lolol

Harsha said...

loved mine eh?? thx thx.. but dint u read the last line there?? so wen can i expect it?? ;)

Pavitra .... said...

@ Di:
I made him promise not to tell anything at home...The little chimp ratted me out finally...
Got a pasting from my mom! :)

Pavitra .... said...

@ Harsha:
Yup! Challenge Accepted! And I'm done with it!! :)

Harsha said...

Wow.. not bad.. u did come up with 10 more.. n i must say the fresh 10 are more hilarious.. i had a good laugh.. n my mood has shifted to the lighter side after reading it.. especially for points 11, 12, 16 and 19..

Sideburns like elvis.. since i have not seen a photo with ur face, i just imagined some girl and put sideburns on her.. LOL..

used gel eh.. this ad popped into my head instantly..

And for the Axe effect, imagine some girl coming up to u and doing this..

no words for holding the door open for ur bf.. :p

oh n btw, u can add this as 21.. U like challenges.. ;)

Pavitra .... said...

@ Harsha:
Hahaha...Yup! I love challenges! i did think of putting that up...but its not true that only guys love challenges!
I laughed sooo much at the videos...Hahahaha...
imagine all those things happening to me!
Thank god they didn't!!
For the record, I'm pretty girly now.

Harsha said...

agreed.. gals too love challenges more.. i take back wat i said..

u r pretty for the record or for yourself.. Big difference between the two.. ;)

Pavitra .... said...

@ Harsha:
Nah, for the record...
I don't have to convince myself about anything... :)
I know who I am...hehe..
Yup, there is a difference...

Harsha said...

are u sure?? coz i think u might have misunderstood my earlier question.. :p

i meant u r BEING pretty for the record or is it for yourself??

i didn't mean abt u SAYING u r pretty..

Pavitra .... said...

Ah...then my friend, I think you misunderstood my statement.
I said I'm PRETTY (quite) GIRLY now!
I didn't say anything about me being pretty :)

Harsha said...

ha ha ha.. the way words play with us.. ;)

Pavitra .... said...

Yeah, they do... :)