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May 8, 2010

........And a bottle of rum!

The sky was the colour of complacence..

Well, if complacence was a colour, it would be this one..

Davis Booth died today...

A guy who had grown to be a wrong person..

We had been talking for a long time..

Running out of rum, but not out of conversation..

He was a nice man..

I wish he didn’t have to die..

I wish I didn’t have to kill him..

I’m not the person who kills someone..

I’m the one who messes with their heads..

Making them wanna kill themselves..

Davis had been stabbed four times with a knife..

It wasn’t dramatic as I had imagined my first murder to be..

I stood there…staring, biting my lips sore..

I don’t think I’m gonna kill again..

You always imagine murder as blood and struggle..

You always tend to ignore disposing the body, cleaning the weapon,

Which is actually the most tiresome part..

Why did I kill Davis..?

There are no reasons..

But who wants one when you have a knife, a map,

Some cheap rum and a decent amount of gratitude for a little death once in a while?

8 Mississippi:

Crazy Diamond said...

scary psycho! ☺

Pavitra .... said...

@ Di:
Hehe....well, some people are like that.... :)

suruchi said...

Wow Pavitra...a big contrast to what u usually write about!
Way to go gurl...
It made me stand up and read it again with a bit of goose bumps n also to make sure if it really was you writing!:-)

Simple n in your face!
Saying like me or you are next;-)

Loved the spooky element in there:-)
Brilliant narration!

Pavitra .... said...

@ suruchi:
Thanks sweetie! Glad you loved it! It was kinda murder from the eyes of a killer.....and him turning over a new leaf for a totally different reason...Thanks again!

Arv said...

reminds me of those old 'age of sail' days :)

well captured mate... cheers...

Pavitra .... said...

@ Arv:
Thanks a lot mate! :D

Okie said...

Very nice. There is so much I like about this.

"the colour of complacence" - great imagery and intrigue created right off the bat.

I also like the development of the narrator as "not the person who kills someone [but rather] the one who messes with their heads..." but then being somehow forced to actually wield the knife.

It's also great the way the murder is still presented as passive "Davis had been stabbed four times with a knife" - still leaves it uncertain as to who exactly killed him...or at least distances it from the speaker (at least for a little bit)

I also love the conclusion, the trade off between reason and piracy.

Pavitra .... said...

@ Okie: explained the character so well....You're bang on target with that....Thanks a lot!! Glad you loved it.. :) :)