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April 17, 2010


So close,
But yet so far,
My arms are outstretched,
The blinding light guides me,
Who knows where I'll be lead?
All I can do is anticipate, that the end of the path isn’t far,
I now hold on to every vacant smile,
I comfort myself with all the lies,
I have no fear.
Why should I?
The next moment is ambiguous.
Courageous, I move through the crowd,
Their vacant faces try to entice me, drain me,
Every change might be trouble in disguise,
The world is cold, but warmth can be found only in you, my love,
You are a constant star,
Immovable---like the sun,
The steadiness of your love is comfort,
The uncertainty of life isn’t,
The silver lining is all but blinding me from the dark clouds that have gathered,
The wind blows with all its might and rattles my bones,
But the flame withstands everything, it burns,
The day is cold,
And the night, stormy,
Hold my hand honey,
Sit with me till the storm passes,
The battle is more reassuring when you have a hand to hold on to,
The razor sharp blades being right behind me,
Bounce off as long as you are with me,
Together we surmount the unbeatable,
Together we move towards a reality we choose….

8 Mississippi:

Harini said...

:) good one.

You know the start reminded me of metallica song nothing else matters. It starts it so close no matter how far. Now i m off to listen to that song :P.

Pavitra .... said...

@ Harini:
Thanks dear..
Hehe...I didn't even realize that it resembles like the're right...
Long since I've heard Nothing Else Matters...
Me too going and listening.. :)

Ms.R. said...

Hey after writing my present poem, this seems to be the continuation of it... Like after 2 years. Hehehehe. This is awesome. I've felt the same need sometimes and its reassuring to have someone who can hold your hand that way. Well written. Especially the fact that I can relate to it!

Vintage Obsession said...

My first time here and i am liking it i say :)) keep the pen rolling :)

Arv said...

guess those feelings just flowed through the keyboard onto this post :)

nice one mate...

take care... cheers...

suruchi said...

So great a feeling to be in love...
So great to write about it...
And equally mush to read it... I want to hold the hands of my someone special;-)

Keep writing...and spreading love:-)

muthu said...

nicely put....

love does always hold magic both for the beholder and the world around him. :)


Ironically, my word verification is also magic. :P

Pavitra .... said...

@ Ms.R:
Thanks a ton dear..!! Yup! Looks like I wrote part II..

@ Vintage Obsession:
Thanks for visiting...Glad you liked it dear...keep coming!

@ Arv:
Thank you so much!! It does have an instrumental touch to it...hai na?

@ suruchi:
:) :)
The world seems like a better Glad you liked it..

@ muthu:
Yup! Its magical...
The verification word was magic?? Hehe...thats nice!! :)
guess even blogger couldn't help it!