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January 5, 2010

Putting my best foot forward!

“I’m standing on my building terrace. I’ve decided to kill myself. I don't know what gave me this idea. But I’ve decided. There is no reason to live anymore.”


“I’ve been let down in every walk of my life. No matter what I do, how hard I work, I never get what I deserve. No one ever understands me”

“I’ve lost the only best friend I’ve ever had. She was someone I can never forget, and I know there is nothing I can do to get her back. Maybe I didn’t take enough efforts to keep our friendship alive and now she doesn’t want to be friends anymore.”

“I hate being at home. Why is there always yelling and screaming for some or the other reason. Just the thought of coming home everyday kills me inside.”

I’m at the end. One more step and I’ll be gone forever. This is it. Its gonna be easy. My final step to freedom. I begin to cry. Tears stream down my face. I close my eyes. And then, I see him. Someone who has supported me through thick and thin. Someone who has always been there for me, taken care of me. Someone who has loved me for who I really am and not asked for anything in return. I cry thinking about him. “I know it’s a very extreme step. But I don’t care anymore”. I remember the last time I saw him this very morning. He was trying his best to cheer me up. But I had ignored him, like I’ve ignored him all these years. I’ve been so selfish. I realise that I’ve always been loved. Funny, how I couldn’t get him out of my mind now. I wanted to tell him how sorry I was for everything. I’m a little too tired. I think I’m gonna move now.”


5 Mississippi:

sanely insane said...

we focus so much on wat we've lost...we fail to notice wat we've got...

good u took the right foot back... :)

maybe this year...shall light up a wonderful world for u

Naveen said...

The right foot in the right direction!! Weldone ;-)

Bullshee said...

Speaking of feet...don't find this weird...ok, you can find it a little weird, but where did you find your profile feet with those legs???

I am fascinated by that particular pair!!

Arv said...

well narrated thought process :)

take care mate... cheers...

Pavitra .... said...

@ sanely insane:
Thankyou! I'm glad you like it! :) and this post is not about me. Its a fiction!

@ Naveen:
Thank you so much!

@ Bullshee:
I googled it! I'm obsessed about red heels. Dont worry I didn't find it wierd coz I love those legs too! Wish they were mine :)

@ Arv:
Thanks a lot! I'm glad to be back finally!