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January 30, 2010

It burns...

When it rains, the world holds its breath,
Waiting for some possibility of magic,
I remember when such moments were spent,
When you and I drifted in and out of our sleep,
Waiting for them to pass, partly due to our conceit,
You and I had become a mockery to others,
But time heals everything you see,
Today, somehow in this sublime transcendence,
I realize, in some twisted way that I really deserve you, my love,
Your touch, your thoughts, it’s a contagious madness,
The sound of your breath, never failing to calm a storm,
Your breath on my skin, never failing to awaken that storm again.
It rains harder, and everything is falling apart around us,
We, insanely in love, smile at the destruction that surrounds,
If we died tonight, at least we would die alive,
It kills me how much I love you, how much I need you to stay alive,
As we stand here, watching the flames rise around us,
Gazing at the crumbling walls, enthralled by the beauty of destruction,
Feeling the heat, watching the amber glow,
Hearing the crackle of the fire, in spite of the white noise of the rain,
We smile,
There is a charm about dying in your own terms,
with the one you actually lived for,
Knowing that love cannot be destroyed with fire,
There is a charm about going insane together,
There is a certain beauty to burning,
Isn’t it?

5 Mississippi:

Harini said...

Its really really really good. I am happy that you are back. I missed your posts :).

Pavitra .... said...

Thanks Harini! I'm really glad to be back...I missed blogging a lot....and i missed all you guys! :)

JenniAsh said...

I love this post.
Beautiful imagery and evocative concepts.


Dave King said...


Pavitra .... said...

@ JenniAsh:
Thank you so much!!

@ Dave:
thanks!! :)