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August 15, 2009

Are we in control?

I was staring out of my bedroom window, day dreaming as usual. I was watching a pigeon cooing merrily, sitting on a bush. Suddenly a cat appeared out of nowhere and grabbed the pigeon and began eating it (Yuck! I know).

It made me think, was the pigeon destined for such a fate? What would have happened if it had decided not to sit on a bush and sit on a tree branch instead? My little brother unfortunately was sitting in my room. I asked him, “Does free will exist? Or is everything pre-destined?” I got a long snore as a reply. Humph.

I ponder on….A seed is destined to grow into a plant or a tree. But what if it gets little or no water? It might not grow into a big, beautiful tree it had been destined to turn into. It might turn into a dry and unhealthy tree. Some factors do govern its growth. Ok, enough of gyaan! :D

What I’m trying to say is that people tend to make mistakes. But they prevent themselves from making the same mistakes again and again, thus changing the course of destiny. People CANNOT learn from their mistakes unless they have the free will to change their behavior. So I guess we are partly in control, aren’t we?

I ponder on…….and finally fall asleep. I dream of crazy cats haunting the street – attacking people. But people react in different manners. Some go about their work as usual, some refuse to leave the house, some have an armor to protect themselves. I don’t know whether it’s connected to free will in any way. But it made me wonder, maybe it’s better to make a difference in your life, improvise on every task that is thrown at you. By merely existing in the world, flowing with the tide, it’s a real waste of free will, isn’t it?

I guess we are destined to do something. Our free will just fine tunes it a little bit!

Let me reverse the question a bit. If everything was according to free will, what should you be doing right now?

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Pooja Mahimkar said...

you are right about the destiny, i feel our life is already planned, and planned in a way that everything goodie good will happen in the end. but the free will you are talking about is what i feel is somethig like you get clues from the destiny on every situation of you life and you have to understand those signs and decided what you have to do. i know it sounds filmy and a bit confusing but thats what i feel about life and destiny!

keep blogging,

SiMbA tAgO said...

u know i always believe that GOD has a plan for each one of us... but on the other part it's our efforts and reactions that make us reach to it....destiny according to me exists, but atop choose it n to avoid it varies with the actions of ours... also its core reality that no one can change the god's plans or as u cal it destiny.. but the only thing in our concern is the way we chose our destiny...thats it... anyways.. i liked ur tho8s..

keep scribbling..

muthu said...


"Isnt flowing with the tide a waste of free will"

Yeah... But what is taht we really want to do..

If flowing with the tide is all we wanna do, where does the question of free will arise??

& I think most of us.. dont really care where we end up. We just do what we need to do 4 the present and end up as what we are as a result of those actions....

destiny & stuff are just what we tell to ourselves to justify what we do or what we dont wanna do....

I think only one thing matters, it's our passions and dreams..

If we are to lose those... we are nothing better than the pigeon that U saw...

what say??

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

destiny exists and i believe in it.. and if left according to free will.. i would want to go sit by the beach in the middle of the night.. :)

Pavitra .... said...

@ Pooja:
You're right...destiny does leave us small clues..It all depends on how observant we are... :)

@ SiMbA:
Hey thanks...You're opinions are really good....Life really is like a treasure map...!

@ muthu:
Yes, lacking free will would make us the pigeon. You have a very interesting opinion...But looking at some unexpected situations in life, wherein we seem to be at the right place at the right time, makes us feel that maybe destiny does exist... :)

@ Rane:
Sit by the beach...That sounds great...
I would like to live in the mountains... :)

The Geekie said...

right said buddy

u is a box of chocolates

we hardly can control...may b partly if at all

i believe in DESTINY....kuch to he jo control karta he

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

a seed is kinda dead. we arent. destiny is something that changes every minute. but partly its what we want. if we work hard enuf to achieve it, what we want becomes our destiny and if we dont, we end up getting paid 4 our efforts n once again thata destiny. :P

as for free will. it isnt about what we should be doing, its about what we are doing. and that is precisely why its free will.

sonali said...

Destiny is wat have been planned, so no ater how hard we try, "naseeb se zyaada aur waqt se pehle nahi milega", but da attitude is ours....dat no can we accept the we should live it da way it is, n keep tryin to work on in......but in any condition we shouod b rockin n happy :)
very well written post, n da picture was perfect....10/10

Zeba said...

I feel free will is something we humans cannot handle. This world would be a disaster if we had free will. We would probably be extinct by now if we had the free will to do anything we ever wanted!!

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