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July 4, 2009

Are you clumsy too…??

Sigh. I hate being so clumsy. Although I provide a funny incident and am a part of interesting stories in silent moments, I am not actually proud of it. In college, I have to bang my leg somewhere or trip over something. My lab coat always gets stuck at door handles resulting in broken buttons or torn pockets. And at least once a week I spend time sewing buttons on to it again. I cannot eat properly with a fork and a spoon and have to eventually resort to eating with my hands. I knock over coffee cups. I forget that my cell phone is kept on my lap and I stand up. I get shampoo in my eyes every time I take a hair bath. I spill something or the other on myself whenever I wear white. I have even banged my head on to a clean window! I have banged my shoulder onto door frames many times. The worst part about everything is that I laugh aloud when something silly happens to me. Not because I find it funny, but I try to hide my embarrassment when I do that. I have hit my head while getting out of the car and slammed the car door on to my fingers. I trip while walking almost every day. I have kind of desensitized my parents to loud bangs and crashes. When someone asks me how I got a bruise or a scratch, my answer is “I don’t know!” I can be elegant and graceful when it comes to writing, coz whenever I make a horrible mistake, there is always a backspace button waiting patiently for me. But in real life, I feel so ham-fisted and clumsy. I guess writing chose me instead of the other way!

22 Mississippi:

Zeba Talkhani said...

awwwwwn. I am clumsy as well. but not at the same level as u!!! Hehe. .

Arjun said...

haha... sry.. but i dont how else to react.. :P

Keep one liners handy so that u can save ur embarassment, letting out some quick ones.. ;)

Take care of ur head, shoulders, hands..u ..:)


LazyKing said...

haha fun post. I'm super clumsy too but that's cool

cybeel said...

haa haaaa your stories are so funny!please be careful okay :)

muthu said...


Yaar-- Ur clumsiness seems to have no boundaries....

& in a weird way, I think Ur clumsiness is kind of cute... :D

cheers.. :)

Archana said...

I just happened to come by your blog, and I have to say this is a cute post! That's a lot of different scenarios you posted up for being clumsy, but you do have the right solution, it's better to laugh it off then pretend like it didn't happen. :)

Hope you have less clumsy-run-in's in the future! Heh.

Anurag said...

lol! Don't worry da...You are not the first girl that I have known to be "Clumsy" ... :P

I like the backspace thingy that u mentioned though...No backspace in real life *Sigh*

Take care ..and I mean it :D

Amarpreet said...

I do come under clumpsy category myself ...but think i am getting better now... I can totally relate to tripping and banging and with bruises i dnt know when I got them ...and I am expert in breaking mugs and plates / bowls ..:-)

and I too laugh out loud ..and most often sigh " not again"

Pavitra .... said...

@ Zeba:
Lol..! I'm the queen of clumsiness..!

@ Arjun:
No problem..! I get that reaction alot..! :D

@ LazyKing:
hey..!! Looks like I've got company..!

@ cybeel:
Lol..! Thanks..! I'll try to..

@ muthu:
Aww....thanks..! :)

@ Archana:
I hope so too..!!

@ Anurag:
Lol...I'll try to..!! They're more of my kind...?? Wow...enlighten me..!

@ Amarpreet:
Haha...i laugh and say "i'm ok!" and then noone bothers to see what I broke..!

LazyKing said...

lol, yes. we are alike. We can hang out anytime :D

Ms.R. said...

Same pinch. Probably when Ferg sang 'Clumsy' she had us in mind. Although I'm clumsy in general and not in love. I forget that my cell phone is kept on my lap and I stand up - all the time. It's become a part of me, so much that I don't even think of it as embarassing anymore. Hehehe

Amal Bose said...

everyone is clumsy to some level.. but from what i could find here.. u ve crossed all boundaries.. ;)

but i loved the way u take these incidents with a laugh..

take care :)

Pavitra .... said...

@ LazyKing:
Haha...! :)

@ Ms.R:
Yup..! The song really was made for us..! Even I'm gradually trying to make it a part of me..! If you cant beat it...join it..!

@ Amal:
Lol..Thnaks..!! I'll try my best to take care..!! :D

Jagjit said...

Honest. I like it when people write without holding back. No I won't say I am clumsy or something, but I know many who bang into something or someone all the time. And they are fun people to have around. Don't wish for a backspace button if your life. Be what you are. Proud to be clumsy :) Nice blog. Keep it up.

A. K. said...

Wow! That sounds horrible. How to you manage to pull it off. LOL

SHWETHA said...

Wooooooo...... Are u in love? (just kidding). Do't worry , it happens. Well described post. I liked reading it. Bt pls change the color of the text if u dnt mind. Its a bit diffcult 2 read it.

Chriz said...

me too
me too
me too

lets start a clumsy gang

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Well i am six feet tall and just imagien waht happens when i cross doors, enter rooms of small height..

But after a lot of experince my clumsiness has come to a saturation.
Whenever memories of such silly incidents enter my mind,it brings smiles on my lips....

i think its fine to be like that, it brings fame amond frnds,relatives many a times. Isn't??

See you around !


Miss M said...

I am probably the epitome of clumsiness. Seriously.

I fell into a drain once.
Anyone wants to beat that? :P

Nice post!! And first time here. So HII! :)

deluded said...

its not THAT bad.

but I get what you mean.

I wear different colored socks, sometimes.

Ki said...

Hahaha! I walk into glass doors, break my nose on door frames, keep walking into people cos I don't walk straight. I have the record of the most phones lost/broken in my family. AAAA! And the list goes on and on and on :P

Pavitra .... said...

@ Jagjit:
yeah...I'll do that...!! thanks a lot..!!

@ A.K:
Lets just say that i'm talented when it comes to being clumsy... :)

@ Shweta:
I'll try to change the colour....but the problem is that the option is not there anymore....I'm trying my best to find some solution....Any ideas..?? Thanks anyways..!

@ Chriz:
Yeah sure...I'll be happy to know that there are more of my kind around...

@ Mahesh:
It does make you famous...Quite true.... :)

@ Miss M:
Hie! Thanks a lot... :) I'm glad to know that there are quite a lot of people like me :)

@ deluded:
Hey...I've never done that... :)

@ Ki:
Gr8..!! U seem to be my soul sister....!!