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June 14, 2009

Unadulterated Love!

It is said that “Humans are ruled by emotions and animals are ruled by instinct”. Animals buddy-up with their owners only because they know they would get food and shelter. These statements come from those people who never have had close contact or have owned any animal.

Why would a cat jump up and run to you and purr when you call out its name? Why would a dog greet you so excitedly and wag its tail every time he sees you? Although cats and dogs love differently, they do show love.
Cats are more independent animals and will show love and affection on their conditions. A cat will come when called (yes, they can be trained!), but that does not necessarily mean that he/she is “in the mood for love”. Though some cats like to snuggle up to their owners for hours, some give you short bursts of affection only. If you annoy your cat, she might ignore you for hours, even days (Yeah, I have been here before!). Cats are not quick to forgive and forget, but they are loyal. An abused cat might try to escape, to run away from you, a cat that is just annoyed because it dislikes brushing or nail clipping will ignore you, but still love you.
If this is not love….then what can you call it..??

Here is a video that brought tears to my eyes. I would love to share it with you’ll (although some of you’ll must have already seen it)!

19 Mississippi:

Burnt Toast said...

Awww that was adorable!!! At first I thought the lion was going to attack them :O and then I was just like ohhhh so cute!!!! x x x

Aniket said...

Yeah, had seen this on a forwarded mail a couple of years back. But it was refreshing to see it again. Loved it back then, love it now. :)

Arv said...

Nice :)

Arnab Majumdar said...

That's amazing! And all the people who think that animals act by instinct, well they really are wrong. They should get a dog, and that would surely change their perspective about things :D

Loved the video... Cheers...

Anurag said...

yeah I had seen this video before...It is an aww kinda video...Just shows what animal love can do ...doesn't it ...Lovely post :)

Pretty Me!! said...

I never had a pet but i do beleive that animals are really loyal .. my mom used to keep water for birds in our balcony.. and i have seen same birds coming everyday .. sometimes even sitting over the empty bowl till it was filled ..

A. K. said...

Down to those people who says that cats and dogs love their only because of food and shelter. I am a dog lover and i know how good it feels when you come home after a day of hard work and you dog jumping and licking your face the moment he sees you.

Chriz said...

lovely isnt it.. saw it sometime back.. i wanted to buy a lion.. but then i thought two LIONS cant be in the same house..

Amal Bose said...

i totally agree with you..
they too have feelings n all..

ive seen a series of pictures tfrom a blog showing a bird morning over the death of its partner.. i mean it was really touching.. the first images shows the bird checking if the other was alive or not, then trying to wake it using its beak n all... the last one was the most sad one, it was literally looking up at the sky with the most saddest expression on its face..
it ws really touching..
i dont have the link to the pic, it ws worth seeing

Vyshu said...

awwww...wat a video..!

Even i had a pet Dog for 9 yrs now..
I do get tears if i remember Puppies Life span (9-13yrs)..

I have seen many ppl who wud simply hate animals for no Gud reason..

I second you completely...

**If this is not love….then what can you call it..??

Shd pass on this post to all those loosers..!

Nice post !


Bullshee said...

Aw man! That was a killer dose of senti...really really really nice! It was actually hugging them, putting it's paw around them!!!

ARUNA said...

tht's an adorable video!!!

Arjun said...

true true pavitra... :)

I cant see the video just yet.. but i'll watch it soon.. :)


Pavitra .... said...

@ Burnt Toast:
Yeah I know. Made me cry. The lion was actually hugging them!

@ Aniket:
:) Me too!

Yeah, it is!

@ Arnab Majumdar:
I completely second you! They really should get a dog or a cat to understand them.

Thanks! I love it too!

@Pretty Me!!
Ohh really? Wow thats so sweet!

I know what you mean. Its the best, isnt it?

Actually even I wanted to buy a lion looking at this video. Lol!

Oh! Thats sad.

I agree with you. I really hate people who hate animals for no reason. There are people in my area who don't allow people to feed the stray dogs who are 10-12 blocks away from them! Feel like letting a few dogs lose after them!

I know. It made the toughest of all cry!

Yeah I know.

Sure! You'll love it...!!

AD said...

i so wanan own a lion or a tiger :(

Pavitra .... said...

@ AD:
Me too...! The closest I own is a cat..!

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Pavrita:
This was just adorable.

There is nothing like the unconditional love of a pet.
My dogs were always more loyal and loveable and honest. 100% times more than any person ever was to me.

I miss having a doggie, maybe someday I'll get another pet, perhaps a cat/kitten! I love all animals! PS Luv your blog too! Thanks for following mine, I've returned the compliment! Bye, Bunni

LazyKing said...

so cute, beautiful and touching.
That definitely puts a smile on my face

Vinnie said...

yeah remember seeing this clip...thanks for sharing this :)

love binds us all...humans, animals just everything...touching piece !