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June 4, 2009

To My Ghost Wanderer.......

See how the sun slays the moon every morning,
How the inky black sky is throttled by the rays of the blazing sun,
How the nocturnal animals have to scurry for their life at the sign of light,
If they actually made peace with each other, would we still have night and day?
Do the sun and the moon actually fight a battle for reign while we are in peaceful slumber?
Every morning, the sun rises and drives my sanity away.
I am insane, I am scared, but the world isn’t a place for cowards,
I have to hurry, I fall and I have to get up as the world isn’t a place for the aching beings.
However, I am a part of this world,
The sunrise, it isn’t mine,
But I make peace with its golden rays,
Which passes over me, creating a mask, it gets me through another day.
I close my eyes, my mind wanders,
Through traffic, houses, the concrete jungle, friends,
My mind wanders to you my love, your smile which makes my day, my ghost wanderer,
For once, I feel this sunrise is going to be different,
The day is going to be mine, and mine alone.
I dream of you every night, and my dream dies a temporary death every morning,
As the sun takes command, you come back as a day dream,
Do you ever wonder what would happen if the sun never rose,
And we both could sit in our corners of the world and dream about each other?
I know you would like that,
I feel it’s more than just telepathy,
We would be together, my ghost vagabond,
As the sun rises, I suffer from withdrawal symptoms,
I need to get high, I need the drug,
You are my drug honey,
We are all on drugs, aren’t we?
Emotional, material, or plain old pot,
We inject it, smoke it, feel it,
We get high,
We come to a point where we can’t get any higher,
You are like that, my love,
Running through my veins, a part of me,
In unspoken words,
In silent glances,
In the sunsets,
In the moment suspended in time,
That never seems to pass,
Are you like me?
What is your drug, my love?

9 Mississippi:

Arjun said...

aww.. that was lovely... kind of cute as well... :)

I like all the comparisons u made.. :)


muthu said...

An poignant write loved the way you described the day and night...

And also- the way you brought drugs in and related all materialistic things to it was good. loved it.


hary!! said...

hi hi!! just came across yur blog...well at first i was wondering...but swell this is!! i liked this line especially"I dream of you every night, and my dream dies a temporary death every morning," ,

I do think wat wud happen if the sun never rose!

Pavitra .... said...

@ Arjun:
Hey thank you so much...

Thanks a lot..!! Cheers!

thank you so much....glad you liked it..! :)

Bullshee said...

Wow, someone's a lucky guy!!!

Chriz said...

/And we both could sit in our corners of the world and dream about each other?/

i wanna do this...

who is the guy?

deluded said...


this was a,

much hearted post.

DPhatsez said...

Damn! I wish i had this 'effect' on women!

Pavitra .... said...

**Blush Blush**

Ah...he's someone special...the Edward Cullen of my life...Lol..!

Thank you so much..!

Lol..! Don't lose hope.. ;)