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June 6, 2009


Splitsvilla (or shitzvilla)- a show where a bunch of worthless, good for nothing guys and girls are taken to a place and asked to date each other and eventually dump each other. Sounds fun right? Yes! This is MTV splitsvilla - downright disgusting and degrading. A show so horrible that it makes me feel as if someone put their hand down my throat, grabbed my small intestine, pulled it out of my mouth and tied it around my neck (Yes, I borrowed this line from FRIENDS).

I really have no idea what they try to achieve.
- which couple looks the best
- who can wear the skimpiest clothes
- to compete with the beauties of the world (God! Why do they even try?)
- to get cheap publicity
- who can stoop the lowest
- to finally get a “happily ever after” ending to such a repulsive show

It is pathetic to see girls competing with each other for a guy and performing various tasks like mud wrestling to win them over. These girls go till the extent of wearing skimpy swimming costumes or dancing provocatively to win their guy. They literally beg and plead to the guy and they get shunted off rudely. What public humiliation! Yuck! It insults the very meaning of the emotion of “Love”. And the amount of crocodile tears shed when someone is dumped…it really makes me wanna snap everyone’s neck. Plan, plot, play and dump- that’s what this show portrays. Let go of your final iota of self respect and there you go…you’re perfect for this show!

I’m really glad this pathetic show is finally over today. I bet Splitsvilla 3 will have even more shameful stuff coming your way!

What do you think?? Is stooping so low for the 5 lakh prize money really worth it???

17 Mississippi:

Dr Roshan R said...

never used to watch it.. seemed like such a dumb idea for a show to be frank...

Aditya said...

wow! at least somebody hates that shit. And that too a girl. I also hate that show like anything. I hate it when my friends say that they are sitting at home and watching splitsvilla. And they love that show. I was so amazed to see so many people attracted to that stupid n useless show.
I am glad at least i know one person now who hates it.

Ms.R. said...

I followed the first part with a lot of enthu actually. It was fun seeing so many silly gurls, even more fun was watching the bitching, plotting, cheap stunts and stuff. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I even managed to become friends with my fav from the show - Prianca Sharma. I just love that female. Why? I dunnu. Yes, coming back to what you asked.. 5lakhs is really low price for all the cheap stuff they gotta do. It's as if love's on sale. Pretty crazy when you see men fighting with each other who think with their ****s. Females are really... What to say. I don't mind enjoying the show for time pass. But participating? I got lots of self respect on me gurl. :)

Anurag said...

The show is disgusting ..They say "LOVE IS WAR"..In reality they show how love can be made into a slugfest idiotic excuse to have a fight over petty things....

And No! for 5 lakhs ...I would even consider betting but this ...Never!

Pavitra .... said...

@ Dr Roshan R:
yup...! Even I feel the same..

I'm kind of surprised to see a guy hate the show..! Glad you're on my side...

Even I cant imagine myself losing my self respect for 5 lakhs..

Lol..! Good for you. I'm happy that atleast some people are on my side. Coz this show is really very popular among my friends.

Pree-yea.... said...

u knw u're soooo rite!! The show z absolutely drab.!!

Aniket said...

I just have seen a single episode. That too not complete. In fact, I just asked a flat mate of mine, who is a big fan btw, that what is the whole point? I mean what does one has to do in this show? And he just stared at me for a min trying to come up with something good. I just said 'nevermind' and went back to my lappy. The only reality shows I watch are 'So you think you can dance', 'The Crystal Maze' and 'The Apprentice'. I know, that apprentice is sucking worse each season too, but its still way better than any reality show produced in India.

muthu said...

hmmh.... A good topic - splitsvilla - I am not saying I love the M TV reality series, But I think in a way the series gives a taste of modern youth in India.

Or atleast the percieved Idea of youth.

No... the caption has nothing to do with the show. It s just another way to think of even wierder things to do to complete against.....

I watch the show when I have time. NO... I am not a fan but still- looking at those gals and boys makes me wonder - Is that all there is to love.

And yeah, I am sorry but being a male, My curiousity always drives me to see what weirder stuff nikhil is gonna unviel every week.

And I think people are always intersted to see other people s shit. the primary force that drives reality TV.

and that force I think will keep shows like splitsvilla always afloat.

Chriz said...

shits villa it is.. dun watch such kids program anymore

Vinnie said...

thank god i read this piece...i was thinking ppl r loving this show!!
fact is it is the worst of all 'reality' shows - absolute crap!
is it over?? who won?

Ki said...

Nope! Not worth it in the least! Especially 'scos they don't actually love or even like each other. Everything has to do with money there.

Although dekhne mein mazza toh aata hai. Ac room mein, sitting on a sofa and eating chips and watching people make asses of themselves on national television... AWESOME! :D

Pesto Sauce said...

Last year all girls were asked to comment on each others' bodies...which organ of other girls they like most & why

Now can you beat that?

Amal Bose said...

dont watch it.. thats what i do...
ive seen it a couple of times.. that was enough for me to find something worthwhile to do at that time

Pavitra .... said...

yup!! I know..It gets on my nerves..

Hey i Love 'So you think you can dance'.
Another show which i followed was 'launch Pad'. Few bands were really good!

Hmm...I guess you're right. This show is never going to end as long as people are ready to wash their dirty laundry in public!

yeah. i don't watch it.

Hmm..I know what you mean. But it irritates me to watch it.

@Pesto Sauce:
Omg! I didn't know about that. That sounds awful.

@Amal Bose:
Yeah I don't watch it. I realized that the first time I watched this show. Lol!!

Serendipity said...

seriously, not worth it.

Pride and Dignity is irreplacable, and invaluable!

dont they have parents/relatives?? who see them canoodling on tv with some guy theyve met one day before, on screen!!!

Zeba Talkhani said...

I don't know how the concept of the show was passed to be put up on nation T.V! I wrote about Splitsvilla as well and I share your feelings towards it. Very very strongly!

The Geekie said...

ya....awful shows MTV is coming dese days

more d stooping part in show...higher the TRPs...and its big gain for channels

but dese boys n gals r dumb for prize money

even once again one more show started weeks back...get gorgeous more show which u cant watch with family...even i missed roadie 6 bcoz of " galliyas "...ppp pppp pppp .... :x