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May 28, 2009


Note: This post is not meant for cowards. Lots of rambling and complaining and whining involved.

I’m not the kind of person who gets pissed off easily. Who am I kidding? I am that kind of person. Brash. Irrational. But this time, my patience has been tested for more than half a year. In other words, my patience has finally ditched me. Why do bad things happen to good people? It was one whole month of peace and quiet and suddenly, downpour. Why did you ever have to come back? I have begun to have a murderous intent…..And the picture in my head right now, believe me guys, it’s not very pretty….and the ideas in my head, partly coz I’ve been spending my day playing Hitman, aren’t pleasant either….Is it so difficult for some people to just back off? Or do they get the idea only when they are made to back off? Is the cliché ‘Old habits die hard’ true? I know I’m sounding like a schizophrenic now. But seriously, I could murder right now…..or at least, break a nose, for sure. The one emotion which my aura would be radiating right now is –IRRITATION. I feel like screaming into a pillow. Are there some people put into this world just to make you feel wretched?

Why do the same awful, irritating people keep showing up again and again? If you didn’t have anything else to do, why don’t you go boil your head or fry your face in a pan or dig up something in your backward?


Girl, This is for you...

P.S. I know its not cool to complain. But I'm feeling a bit better already.

14 Mississippi:

Vinnie said...

ur blog is ur space...just go for it..u should COMPLAIN HERE!
be lighter n happier, girl:)

The Geekie said...


wat happened????


hope everything goes fyn

Tk care friend

muthu said...

Yeah, complaining can be hard to hear sometimes and i always hate it when people do it but thinking retrospectively yeah i have had my bad days and I too complain but the only difference is the sardonic humor I add to it. but what i do when in my humorous oneliners is really bitching.

yeah, talking about stuff does ease things... :)

Arv said...

I did hit this mood yesterday at work... its best not to fight it, just rant it out and move on...

Hope you are feeling better now...
take care mate... cheers...

Chriz said...

hope i dont get pissed off ever..

cheers ups girls..
gets ups backs and kicks somes actions..

яノςんム said...

hey, its totally all right to complain and venting out elps. really it does..

I hope u feel better now :D

deluded said...

hehe. I loved the post.
lot of 'feeling' in it.


on really bad days, toothpaste tastes great.

Cяystal said...

I'm telling you one thing which is most appropriate.(in my case atleast)
Ignore,forget,forgive..and MOVE ON!
Piss offs keep coming in life..its the faith inn yourself wich should NEVER die.

Pavitra .... said...

@ Vinnie:
Hey thanks dear..!

@ The Geekie:
yeah, i hope so too...thanks! :)

@ muthu:
Yeah. It really helps..!

I am actually feeling better now...Thanks a ton..!

Thank you so much..!

@ Richa:
I am feeling much better. Thanks a lot..! :)

@ deluded:
Aww....You really know how to cheer me up! Yup I tried that btw..! Lol..!

Hey thanks a lot! I'll keep that in mind... :)

sawan said...

i luvd the chinese script :P

cheer up grl. god bless ya.

ApocalypsE said...

Yey I learnt chinese in an instant... Thanks for the picture...

Complaining... thats what blogging is all about... Everyone knows you yet you are anonymous...let it rip...

And the thing, it will pass just hang on...

I dint know girls played PC games... Hitman? which version...

Pavitra .... said...

@ sawan:
Lol..! I found it apt..! Thanks a lot..

Pavitra .... said...

@ ApocalypsE:
Aww....Thank you..!!
Yup..! girls do play PC games..
Hitman 3 Blood monay..! :)

hfm said...

I love the final picture.