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May 31, 2009

Little Red goes Riding..!

On a blistering hot summer day, Miss Lola Reddy, also known as Little Red (mostly because she wore a trademark bright red mini skirt which complimented her sexy legs) was on her way to meet her best friend Janet who was admitted at Holy Cross hospital as she had contracted Malaria. Little red decided to go walking coz her sexy legs required some toning up.

She brushed her long black hair and applied mascara and lip-gloss, wore her red skirt and strutted her way in red high heels. On her way, she passed a Café Coffee Day. Outside the coffee shop were a group of notorious guys with their gang leader B.B Wolf. Now that particular coffee shop was a haven for all the “Chapris” of the area. You know what I’m talking about – the ones who are so full of themselves that just because they think they are God’s gift to women, everyone else should think so too. According to B.B wolf he was the ladies’ man! Like a wolf he eyed the young beauties in the neighborhood. And the answer to his success rate with women is – rich dad!

On spotting Lil’ Red strut her stuff across the street, he smiled menacingly. His prey had been spotted. Now to move in for the kill… Slowly he pulled up alongside her on his vintage Harley (typical old school guy!)

“Hey babe! Wanna ride of your lifetime?” he asked, with a sexy (according to him) grin on his face, his voice as smooth as velvet.

“Umm… I’m actually heading somewhere important” – Vroom! Vroom! Red was cut off by the revving of the Harley engine. He was really starting to annoy her. But the bike was AWESOME!

“Oh come on! I won’t sink my teeth into you. Let me at least drop you to where you’re headed.”

“I really shouldn’t. I’m in a big hurry…” and then she stopped talking.
Red had a smile on her face. She was checking him out and thinking something. You’ll come to know soon enough. She accepted his offer and hopped on to his ride.

Looking immensely pleased with himself, the Wolf rode his bike. Throughout the journey Wolf spoke only about himself (a very appealing topic in his opinion) while Red was rolling her eyes. Finally, they reached the hospital. Red couldn’t help but notice that Wolf was heavily loaded. Her eyes roamed over all his possessions – the latest cell phone, the funky Ray Ban aviators, an expensive looking wallet, a watch from Fossil- no doubt stuffed with loads of cash and of course, the Harley… too bad he was all style, no brains.

Wolf wasn’t too keen on letting Red go so easily and so, he eagerly offered to wait for her while she went up to visit her friend. At this, Red batted her mascara-ed eyelashes (works every time ladies!) and requested him to wait for around 10 minutes while she went and checked up on her friend. Wolf eagerly agreed and patiently waited for her…

When Red came back down, she flirtatiously suggested that they go to the nearby deserted park and spend a little time to get to know each other. Wolf’s excitement knew no bounds. So, to the park they went. However, he decided at the last minute to quickly go to the nearby florist and surprise Red with a few flowers. So she went to the park alone and waited for him. When he came back, he found a solitary figure, sitting among the bushes. He decided to play a little game…

“My, what beautiful eyes you have!”

“The better to see you with darling…”

He stepped a little closer… “What luscious lips you have baby!”

“To kiss you with sweetheart…”

He stepped even closer to Red and that was when something shiny caught his eye.

“Hey, what’s that in your hand?”

“It’s a knife and it’s perfect to rob you with baby!!!”

And Red whisked out a small but rather deadly looking knife and swiftly brought it to Wolf’s throat. Poor Wolf completely lost his head and tried to run away. However Red reacted faster and knocked him out. Red quickly took away his valuables and pocketed the keys to his Harley.

Red was never to be found after that…and poor Wolf got amnesia due to the blow to his head. Last I heard, he was still recovering in some classy hospital. However, I do hope, Red’s treating that Harley right!!

P.S. Reports claim that she had undergone plastic surgery to keep her identity discreet.
Here is her latest picture.

19 Mississippi:

Barry said...

Wow, last time I go ogling babes in red skirts from the back of my Harley!

If I had a Harley.

And if a knife was wielded, in my case, I think the wielder would likely be my wife.

What a fun story!!

Ms.R. said...

Hahahahhaa! The bad boy meets his end :P OMG! I loved this take! Keep writing!

Chriz said...

tricia hieffer is HOTTTT..

i guess she was the one who bought my red underwear

ApocalypsE said...

Little miss red riding wood turns phoolan devi... :D

Thats the story you wouldnt have heard as a kid... LOL...

deluded said...

alright, I'll let you in on a secret.

I was in that group at ccd.

boss got a sex change operation.

it seems that red broad hit him at a most critical point of his brain(the one that controls the p***s)

she now goes by the name of rihanna ;)

sawan said...

Pavi, ever thought of writing script for a mov?

Arv said...

interesting tale :)

take care...

Cяystal said...

OH MY! Quite a version of Little Red Riding the part of "what lovely lips, eyes..." BANG!..Just loved it!
Tricia looks great..and m very well imaginig Ms. Lola Reddy..aka "red"..damn!..just love it!
Awesome man!

Cяystal said...

Btw..I was just thinkng of red high heels..and thr..I saw your dp.
Am I imagining things? :P

Arnab Majumdar said...

Hehehe... Little Red Strikes Back! :D


Vinnie said...

some story indeed..n i'm sure its information for the guys reading this:)

Pacifier Returns said...

Now, please explain me the morale of the story.....

Smiles :)

Ki said...

Brilliant!!! :D

You had me shocked, elated and PLEASANTLY surprised all at once!!!

Preeti said...

hehe ....that was fantasticcc
i love bikes more than guys ...well most of the times ...

n red skirt n red hells work most of the time ..

Crowscious said...

LOL funny as hell... i like the twist to the original tale... red is sexy and i always hated the damn wolf!

Pavitra .... said...

@ Barry:
Lol..! Thanks a lot..!

@ Ms.R.:
Yup..! I always hated the big bad wolf..!

haha...Quite possible...
So for how much did it get sold finally?

Yeah...It sounds much better this way...doesn't it?

haha....maybe you can write one - Revenge of the Wolf..!

Hmmm....I might consider it.....Any takers..??


Ohh...I'm just her fan actually....
Thanks dear..

Yup. she does...

hey thank you so much... :)

Hey thank you so much dear...

Thanks a lot..!!

Hey....Thank you so know, your comment is something I always look out for. Good to hear from you...! And one sincere request....Please start blogging again....

Dr Roshan R said...

Awesome !! simply awesome.. loved this

Pavitra .... said...

@ Dr Roshan R:
Hey thank you so much..!! :)

The Geekie said...

he he

hilarious :D

P.S is always d best part in blog story :D...awesome :D