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April 5, 2009

Blast From The Past...!!

Hey guys! I was extremely busy these days and didn’t get time to blog at all. Very sorry buddies! Finally, I decided to utilize my Sunday for blogging. Well, I cleared up my wardrobe today and made some space. I gave my mother solid proof that I have less clothes and I need to go shopping coz my wardrobe looks so empty now. *sigh*

The great news is that I came across my diary which I used to write about 8-9 years ago. It’s a pink diary with a lock on it. It said Fond Reflections. I stopped writing coz I had lost the key to it. I finally managed to pick the rusted lock with a hair pin. It gave me a sense of achievement to hear the lock click open. (I don’t wanna lock it again. God alone knows whether it will ever open again.) I had written all about my school crushes and all the innocent stuff I used to do to grab their attention like showing interest in cartoons like Pokémon and Dragonball Z. A few of my entries were even written in a code form just in case anyone dared to read my diary. It was fun trying to crack it again. It made me realize how weird I was at that age. It was a great feeling going through all those memories again. My handwriting was so pathetic. How did I ever clear school???

I may never open the diary again and may not even keep it now. I feel privileged to be shown my past so clearly. Now I can confidently say that I’m happy where I am today.

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skywind said...

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R.V said...

OMG! I know that feeling. Reading this made me go fish my old diary and read the crap I had written. But I like my handwriting then...

LazyKing said...

My auntie who I used to live with stole mine. I still hate her, she was always taking my stuffs. I remember, even I was a boy, my mom gave me a diary to write everything in my head because she had to travel everytime. looooool
Great post by the way

DPhatsez said...

Dragonball Z! Hell yea! \m/ :)

Bloghopped from bullshee. Frickin cool layout! But my eyes hurt from all the purple :)