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March 10, 2009

Holi shit…!!

Today, i want to warn or maybe remind all the so called civilized beings (indecent men) that Wednesday, 11th March 2009 is Holi and not the grand finale of National eve-teasing week! I am furious about the fact that women are especially targeted during Holi week. Just because you want to celebrate Holi one week in advance doesn’t mean that the women around you become walking-talking punching bags for your balloons!

Every nook and corner there are people waiting to attack. And its not only water that is filled in these balloons, they come various varieties with sewage water, mud, eggs, ink and a lot more sickening things. And it seems Holi gives men--young, old --a free pass to maul women. Spread the joy, spread the colour (go grab away!)

I’m sick of all this. Why do we have to bear the brunt of everything? Even a few of my friends enjoy doing this! And I’m exasperated and disgusted that they do it in spite of knowing it’s extremely uncivilized. It’s not something to be incredibly proud of! What is the difference between you and the Ram Sena? Weren’t you‘ll the ones who stood up for women when the horrific incident took place in Mangalore? Was that all just an eye-wash? Do you think you’ll can get away with the wretched excuse of “Holi hai yaar!” (Its Holi). Do you really think it’s funny? Get a life, you pathetic souls!

Ladies, since I can't guarantee saviors or decent men (and believe me, there are very few of them) to save you in such circumstances, I highly recommend that you stay in your private shelters until this lunatic week passes by.

I’m relieved to see that this insanity will soon be over. Until then, stay safe! Have a “happy” Holi!

3 Mississippi: said...

hope you have a better day
mona & the girls

Nick James said...

Have a better day!

Crowscious said...

Happy Holi to you too.. hmmm i haven't been attacked by anyone, or know anyone who has, though i guess there have to be sick people like that or any Indian festival won't be complete. Pity.