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March 8, 2009

Am I really that bad???

Last week, I attended a birthday party at my cousin’s place. She had invited a large group of her school friends. The tiny terrors were creating a cacophony, running around the place, dropping juice everywhere and turning the house upside down, while I along with my elder cousin were cleaning up behind them (trust me, it wasn’t fun at all). **SIGH** Anyways, to keep them in one place I suggested that they play a game (organized game, more like it…..). My sister came up with a game where you have to act out a well known person and the others have to guess it. It was a lot of fun watching these kiddos imitating Shah Rukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Ronaldo and stuff. After a while, they added a twist to the game. They started acting out each other, teasing and imitating each other’s mannerisms. Soon came my little sisters turn. She acted like a person on the cell phone talking to someone, saying “Hello! Hiee…supp??” and then saying “byee” and immediately texting someone else. Finally, attending another call and giggling. Everyone hooted, laughed and yelled unanimously….”PAVITRA!!” (And I went red…)

7 Mississippi:

Nick James said...

Sounds like a fun party.

LazyKing said...

Yep, sounds like a fun and messy party!

R.V said...

Haha I guess if people were to imitate me.. they have to sit in one place and keep typing on the laptop ;)

moi said...

These seems to be fun, So you full time on phone huh??? Lolz said...

gotta love those little sisters...
they grow up to be your best friends...
all our love
mona & the girls
ps glad we popped in for a visit today.. hope you see some sunshine.

Pavitra Ramkumar said...

@ Nick James
hehe....the party was a lot of fun...

@ LazyKing
Messy is an understatement!
U should have seen those little terrors..

@ R.V
lol....Actually it came as a big shock to me when she imitated that bout me of all the things and everyone guessed it right... :)

@ moi
yup...a lot of fun...and I am always on the phone... Mom tells me to tape the cell phone to my !

you're right, shes extremely adorable and very smart for her age...

Born Vagabond said...

haha kids are always fun to be with specially when they are as naughty as ur sister...BTW are u dat busy on phone..??