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February 7, 2009



As I pass time at home,
The sunlight streams in from the windows,
And lights up that vacant place on the floor,
Where I recall you used to rest in content,
The soft noises of our footsteps on the floor,
Are so dreary and silent,
As compared to the happy scampering sound of your feet,
In every room, all around me.
The bizarre things which used to make you bark,
And the things which made you scared,
I treasure every moment of your company,
And you know, it will always be there.
But I will take that unfilled space on that floor,
The unused dish in the kitchen,
The cute little toys you used to play with,
And all the things you have bitten.
I'll keep them all for you, my buddy
Swathe it with all my love,
Shield it with my heart and soul,
Until the time we both meet above.

Miss you, pal!

(P.S- I hope you are hand-fed bone-less chicken pieces up there too!)

4 Mississippi:

Crowscious said...

You spoilt your dog Pavithra!!! Hand-fed chicken pieces? My old doggie got only rice and beef bones. Ur dog was lucky LOL

aditya said...

it is simply beautiful....i loved it

deluded said...


Indrayani aka, Indi! said...

This made me cry...!
I have a dog too..
and i am going away for good...
and I wont see her for long...
I can feel this!! :(