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February 3, 2009

Lights, Camera.......GET ME OUTTA HERE....!!!!

Well, it all started when my twin brothers got their blazers home for their school farewell. They seemed very excited after trying them on and mum had tears in her eyes (My boys have grown up! Sniff!). Mom then came up with the idea of getting a photograph taken of the two of them at a photo studio (in spite of having two 5 megapixel digital cameras at home!). I played along with the idea and helped them look decent. (:P)

Then suddenly mum comes up with another idea! She asks me “Why don’t you come along with them wearing your college blazer and we can take your picture too! I would love to have a picture of the three of you’ll together.” (*Kaboom!*) And after what seemed like hours of protesting and whining, mum finally gets me to agree to come with her.

I try on my blazer and VIOLA! It doesn’t fit. I have never felt so happy before, in a moment of self discovery! Mum tried to put in her own remedies to make the blazer look good on me but it still looked short (as if it was practically choking me).

Then another brilliant idea! Mum suggests that the photo can be taken only till my waist so that the length of the blazer is not seen (God! When things were getting better….). After everybody was finally ready to leave, one of my brothers realizes that his hair is too scruffy and decides to go for a hair-cut before he takes the picture. (Are you freaking kiddin me?!). So he changes out of his clothes again and goes to the barber. Finally after half an hour of changing and re-changing, all of us were ready again to leave for the photo-shoot!

My previous experiences with this photographer have never been pleasant. He kinda likes capturing the expression showing the element of surprise, so he never warns you before he takes your picture…..In short; all my previous I-card photos look as if I have just seen a ghost!

We arrive at the photo studio and the photographer rubs his hand in content (Gives me a creepy feeling….my last chance to run away!). Mom tells him exactly how she wants the photos to be taken…3 Solo photos and 2 group photos. So here he goes….ROLLS…CAMERA…FLASH! In ten minutes he was done. Photos were to be collected the next day.

Mum sends me to collect the photos the next day. I reach there and the photographer smiles his evil smile and hands me a big bundle of photos! (WHAT THE….?). The asshole had taken 4 copies of each photo (one for each member of the family???) and slapped a fee of 1000 bucks for 20 photos! And even worse…..when I came across my solo picture, it was a full length one, clearly showing me suffocating in my blazer and shit scared of the ghost I just saw!!!!!


4 Mississippi:

A. K. said...

Visiting for the first time! LOve your blog!

Crowscious said...

Thousand bucks? Seriously? Wow. Yeah i look very uneasy in pics too LOL

deluded said...


seriously, Ive gotten to reading it a bit late, but i love this blog.

harshabadbad said...

Hey, Moms are so very unreasonable at times, but they are the most lovely ones !

Well, liked ur blog, first time visitor !