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February 10, 2009


Let’s have a recap on what happened recently in Mangalore, India. On a normal Saturday afternoon, some lunatic Hindu fanatics calling themselves the “Ram Sena”, barged into a local pub and started chanting some silly slogans. They began brutally hitting the people (especially women) there, calling them names and did awful stuff to them in the name of the “Moral police” - trying to protect the decency of Indian culture. And the reason they gave for all this, if you ask me, “Girls and Boys of different religions were dancing together.”

The women all over India have decided it’s payback time..!! On 14th February, 2009, Valentine’s Day, the moral police have declared that if they see any boy and girl together, at public places, they would be arrested and forced to get married…!! (I seriously would like to dissect and examine this guy’s brains). So, we are going to gift this asshole for his brilliant plan. Behold the PINK CHADDI CAMPAIGN..!! On Valentine’s Day, all the women are requested to gift the Ram Sena, a pink Chaddi (underwear) (used, unused, dirty, old…whatever….)….the more flowery and frilly…the better… and if you don’t have any, you can buy a cheap one…and I mean dirt cheap one and send it to them.

Women here, already have a lot of restrictions in their lives and the Ram Sena's antics are an icing on the cake. A lot of women have signed up for the campaign. In fact, many men have also joined it too. And to see the Ram Sena office flooded with bright pink underwear, will be such an amazing site..!! Maybe we can even decorate their office walls with the pink chaddis…lol.. I honestly think it is a wonderful (stinky) idea for a non-violent and funny campaign...and thats what the Ram Sena deserve….a lot of stink. This is one great political move..hats off to the brains behind this idea…!


Finally, here is the poster to the campaign…!!

6 Mississippi:

Crowscious said...

I posted it too. :)

The Passionate Book Worm said...

Oh my goodness! that's funny! I would love to see that.

deluded said...




Im still reeling because of the awesomeness!


Pavitra Ramkumar said...

@ Crow
hehe....saw, will you be a part of this too??

@ The Passionate Book Worm
i know....its gonna be hillarious....Finally something to look forward to on Valantine's :D

@ deluded
hey thanx a lot.....i'll see whether i can get videos of the campaign...

The Passionate Book Worm said...

Okay, I will give you the letter 'M' Hope that's not too hard. Have fun!!

Crowscious said...

yeah i sent a lil somethin to them... They musta got it by now :P