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December 25, 2008


-An Ode to the HPB (high profile bitch)--(AD)

You prance in like a pony,
And blow my life apart,
I continue gathering the pieces,
Now wondering where to start.
You had your chance before,
Now back off you bitch,
I’ll make your life miserable,
And I’ll enjoy when you writhe.
And then the truth will dawn on you,
The truth that I very well know,
The truth behind your pointless stare,
The face which never shows.
The secret looks you give,
The gist of that phony smile,
That juvenile voice you use to get your way,
Those gimmicks to catch the eye.
Just pull the plug on your ridiculous actions,
Your feeble “reasons” to keep in touch,
The treats, the meets you ask for,
And cling on as if “we” mean so much..!!

1 Mississippi:

Crowscious said...

LOL.. i know right, i hate those bitches.. we hate a lotta the same kinda girls im thinkin... :)