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December 13, 2008

Mundane New Year's.....

The year is coming to an end,
But somehow I'm unable to feel,
The rippling excitement among people,
That is gradually showing visage.
Should I go shopping too?
And buy those fancy clothes.
But where should I go wearing those high-heels,
Strutting on tippy-toes….?
Theres nothing to look forward to,
No fancy parties…not even family gatherings,

Nothing but a plain dreary day,
Staring coldly back at me.
I’ve got to study,
I try to convince myself,
But no matter how many times I say so,
It never really helps.
I sometimes envy others,
Their extraordinary plans…the works..!
Hoping I would be included somewhere,
Be a part of their dances and jokes,
Three new years have come and gone,
But things have never changed.
How much more do I have to wait….?
Till something changes my fate…?
Hoping that my dream comes true,
Where I will be with you’ll,
Laughing and dancing to heart’s content,
To all those latest groovy songs.
And when the clock would strike 12,
All of us would come to a stop,
Then suddenly give a thunderous roar,
As the confetti falls from roof to floor.

4 Mississippi:

The Crow said...

I agree.. i always have lousy new years.. :( maybe this time will be better... i hope urs is good too

aditya said...

is this poem directed at us?

Pavitra Ramkumar said...

what makes you think so...?

deluded said...

I wanted to comment on every post, but then you'd probably block me for spamming your inbox?

thus. this will be the last.