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December 27, 2008


Everyone must have stumbled upon neighbours at some point of time in their lives…neighbours who know more about what is going on in our house than the entire family put together…they can be sneaky, nosy, bitchy, sweet, lovable and caring..
The love-hate relationship you have with your neighbours (unless you are lucky of course!) can give you bouts of pain, indigestion and a murderous intent and if you’re lucky, some amount of joy and happiness too…!!

And being a teenager in such a situation is even worse, when your parents are constantly bombarded with newsflashes from redundant gossip mongers of neighbours(and not the building-aunties......actually the uncles do so nowdays....."male bitches"….!! The aunties now-a-days are too busy trying to become hep and go with the generation....on the other hand....the grumpy uncles are slowly going under the ghoongat...) “I saw your daughter talking to this boy twice” or else “I think this boy is following your daughter” blah blah..!! And eventually I have been held at gunpoint with questions such as “what is this I am hearing?” and stuff…!! (According to me, these kind of neighbours are pure ASSHOLES and you can expect only SHIT out of them!). I sometimes wonder why parents don’t even believe their own children in matters like this….I have lost many amazing friends due to all this bitching and may lose a few more…and it has irritated the hell out of me to see these neighbours dancing to the tunes of their victories!

It has been said correctly:

"Great minds discuss ideas,

Mediocre minds discuss events

And small minds discuss people”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

I mean, what’s your problem oldie…?? Shouldn’t you be worrying about what your daughter(or even wife) is doing presently rather than poke your nose into trivial matters …!!? Are you people so desperate to have a hot topic to discuss when you have those general body meetings of the building …?? As it is there has been no obvious change in our locality since you have entered the committee….
After experiencing all this, take it from me…..

“Love thy neighbour – but don’t pull down your hedge”

3 Mississippi:

Crowscious said...

LOL.. we'll be old sometime too.. yeah but i do agree they gossip too much

aditya said...

nicely written.....tune toh apne neigbours ki phad ke rakh di

Pavitra Ramkumar said...

hope they read it sum