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December 28, 2008


On any typical holiday morning, all the shopping centers and stores are bursting with women - shopping. This seemingly insatiable hobby is much-loved yet largely misunderstood pastime for millions of women around the world. Ask any woman why she shops and often the simple response will be "because it's fun!"

Yup, shopping is therapeutic…most women will vouch for this statement…..and most men will shrug their shoulders in perplexity…and being a woman, I love to shop a lot and I feel incredible after a superb round of shopping..

What makes women shop till they drop?? Is it because women are materialistic beings and they yearn for material assets?? The point is not this. But why do men detest the idea of shopping and women look forward to it? Is it because of the passé “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” theory? Maybe. The truth is men and women view shopping from a completely different angle…I guess their upbringing has a lot to do with this. Shopping, being the butt of many jokes since quite a long time, men from the start, find it sissy and enfeebling. Now, I wouldn’t like to start the war of the sexes (although its tempting).

I would like to elucidate why women love shopping. Clearly, everyone likes the idea of getting something new, nice and useful for them. Apart from that, woman find shopping enjoyable and it can be even therapeutic for them.

For starters, shopping is an outlet for women. It their big chance to shut themselves off from all their worries, tensions and pressures. It’s their ultimate STRESS-BUSTER. Women, when they are feeling down, feel a great deal better after a round of shopping.

Shopping for women is like treating themselves. And, who on earth wouldn’t want a treat, eh? They go shopping when they are feeling good and in the end feel even better..!! (see, it works both ways!)

Shopping is like a treasure hunt. We go looking for something and end up buying much more than we expected…!! I guess, that’s why they say “Men are hunters and Women are gatherers”.

To go shopping with a group of friends, even though you are not going to buy anything is unadulterated joy..!! It’s like a great escapade and it’s our idea of full-on time pass..!! Shopping is a major ego-booster and making so many decisions in one go is a bigger ego-boost (although this may not be the case for women getting their share of decision making in their lives).

Well, I have mentioned enough reasons…..and I’m bushed now…

Guess, it’s time for some fashion-therapy..!!

3 Mississippi:

aditya said...

i really don't care how much u luv shoppin.....and u know y....

Crowscious said...

LOL.. i agree.. retail therapy really helps... I splurged for Christmas big time :)

Chriz said...

yup i need to go for a new wardrobee...