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November 30, 2008


This poem is dedicated to all those popular, snobbish, bitchy and dim-witted girls (curtsy AD) whom i have stumbled upon at some point of time in my life.....!!

You're one of those girls whose always on the scene,

You're only here to spawn trouble you know what I mean.

You're slim, you're pretty.. and you're daft for Pete’s sake!

Not to mention your snobbish airs and your personality fake!

All the girls wanna be you, and you’re sought by all the guys.

Why wouldn't they, you have that flashy smile and those beautiful eyes.

You know how to maneuver people to get your own way.

You’re a typical drama queen, and you’re like that every day!!

But heres the thing!!!

Honestly grow up you brat!!

I’m sick of your shit and I'm gonna give back

Get over yourself, you're no better than anyone else

In fact! most of us are better off than you..

coz we have brains,

but tell me, do you??

5 Mississippi:

aditya said...

i have already told u and now i will say it again,"amazin poem".

Pavitra Ramkumar said...

thanx a lott.....ur comment counts cuz onli u knw mah inspiratn for dis poem...!!

The Crow said...

LOL.. i meet lotta girls like that.. i hate em :)

Prateek said...

Nice... :)

deluded said...

best post ever P.